Jumat, 03 April 2015

how to insert a file in the blog

For those of you who first entered into google docs, then you must agree with the rules made by google. Already have a google account? let's assault google docs.Step 1: upload to google docs.1. Log in to http://docs.google.com with your gmail account.2. Click the Upload tab located on the top left of your screen.3. Click the browse button ... under the heading Browse your computer to select a file to upload:4. Put the file you want to upload (word, excel, power point).5. Click the Upload File button which is on the bottom.6. Wait for a while until the file you uploaded all (depending on the size of the file and the speed of your connection).7. If it is uploaded, you can edit it if you want. ie by clicking on a document that has been uploaded on the menu My drive.8. Then select share9. Then came the sharing settings menu.10. Copy the link to share it with notepad or any other text editor.11. Done15. Please close it in his window.16. Have you signed out of google docs if you want.17. Done.Step 2: post code google docs to bloggers.1. Please login to blogger with your ID.2. Click the New Post.3. Please make a post that you want.4. When you want to insert code from google docs, first click the Edit HTML tab (not that compose)5. Paste the code google docs in notepad on the place you want.6. Click the button PUBLISH POST.7. Please see the results.8. Finish.